Pinnacle Betting Guide

How to get the best Pinnacle Odds

pinnacle betting odds

wThere aren’t many online bookmakers as established and as experienced as Pinnacle. For almost two decades it has provided members with a top-quality product; an online betting site with a wide variety of markets, a highly-acclaimed live betting section, and some of the best odds in the business. The pinnacle betting odds!

Pinnacle takes a different approach to sports betting than most other companies, and as a result, it has built up a large and loyal following. One of the things that make Pinnacle stand out is its focus on analytics. Using sophisticated algorithms to calculate the odds Pinnacle offers for each bet, gives the company an edge over the competitors.

Another thing that sets Pinnacle apart is its customer service. The site offers a live chat option on the website, so you can get help from a real person if you have any questions or need assistance placing a bet.

But we have saved the best for last. On Pinnacle you can find real value in your bets. The Pinnacle payout stats show that most members enjoy big victories more often than not. This is because of the low margin the site uses. And a lower margin automatically means higher odds. This is why the payout Pinnacle offers is so advertised.

You can register on Pinnacle via Brokerstorm. You can either follow the links to go to the betting site to create an account, or you can use your existing Brokerstorm broker account to play on Pinnacle and take advantage of its odds.

The Pinnacle payout per sport

As we said already, Pinnacle odds are well known in the industry. Very few bettors are unaware of the level of value Pinnacle members enjoy. The Pinnacle payout percentage is also a thing of legend. In short, if you’re looking for the best value on your bets, Pinnacle is the way to go.

Pinnacle sportsbook offers a variety of betting options. You can bet on all major sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, and more. They also offer live betting, so you can get in on the action as it’s happening.

The minimum bet on Pinnacle is just $1, and there are no maximum limits. This makes Pinnacle a great choice for both casual and serious bettors alike.

Football Odds

Pinnacle is a top destination for football betting. The site offers some of the best football odds in the business, and members can also take advantage of Pinnacle’s live betting options. Pinnacle offers bets on all major football leagues, including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and more. You can also bet on international tournaments such as the World Cup and the European Championships.

Using the English Premier League as an example (on of the competitions where some serious money is being wagered from all around the world), we took a look at a random Leeds – Everton match, to check the Pinnacle odds. The main market, the one about the final outcome, carried odds of 2.15, 3.60, and 3.58. This means there is a vig of just 2.2%, one of the lowest that can be found online. The Pinnancle payout percentage is, in this case, more than fair.

In order to dive deeper, we checked some alternative markets on the same match. A corner market has typically a higher vig, that (on some sites) can approach 10%. We checked the over/under 9.5 corners option. With odds of 1.61 and 2.32, the margin was 5.21, which is totally acceptable.

But wait, there’s more. We decided to take a look at some minor competitions to check the odds Pinnacle offers in those. It is a general fact that lesser events have higher margins. Is it the same with Pinnacle? While it is, what we saw was more than encouraging.

Testing a Bolivian second division match, we say that the payout Pinnacle gave was 92%, which is on par with all the major bookmakers out there.

Basketball Odds

Basketball is another way to check a bookie’s odds quality, as it is the most popular sport where 2-way markets are (unlike football) the norm. We are going to pretty much spoil everything here, but the Pinnacle payout when it comes to basketball is outstanding.

We started by taking a look at the NBA Finals. Those huge games in particular carried 100% real odds on their marquee market, the overall winner of a game. The Pinnacle Odds reflected the real probability, as calculated by Las Vegas, as the market was offered with 0% house’s margin.

All this is cool and dandy. But what about the other markets in that game? Were there fair odds by Pinnacle? Yes, the vig was held low, at around 4-6%, which is what you would expect from a bookie of this calibre.

Our group of experts also checked the payout Pinnacle carries in lower leagues. There you should do your homework. Learning how to calculate the vig yourself, to find out if the odds Pinnacle, or any other bookie, offers are fair, is an important part of becoming a better punter.

What we found out was a mixed bag. There were odds that were absolutely great, and others that we would like to be slightly higher. There wasn’t any pattern, depending on league or market, so you should do the work yourself to be absolutely sure. Judging on a strict average, we couldn’t complain about the payout of Pinnacle on basketball markets.

Tennis odds

Tennis is the most popular individual sport on the planet and the third most loved athletic discipline for betting purposes. We feel it is important to check the tennis odds Pinnacle offers. The story isn’t all that different in comparison to football or basketball. In general, we followed the same procedure. We checked the most popular events, the higher-ranked competitions and major tournaments, and then we did the same for some other minor ATP and WTA tournaments, to see how the Pinnacle odds distribution works.

Going through a couple of Grand Slam tournaments (we tested Wimbledon and the US, both on the men’s and women’s singles and doubles), we were more than pleased with what we saw. An average Pinnacle payout of 94-96% signals the fairest odds you will ever find. Especially when it comes to the later stages of those major events, you will often see the main markets being offered with 0% vig. This, as we already said, means that the set of odds is directly reflecting the actual probabilities.

Minor events (like some ATP and WTA 250s that we tested) had lower overall odds, but once again they stayed at par with all the major bookmakers out there. Being right in the middle of the realm of fair is exactly what we are hoping for when reviewing a bookmaker’s odds.

Other Sports

It is a well-known fact that football, basketball, and tennis are the odds that universally have the higher odds on betting sites. Especially the most highly-anticipated matches are the ones that have the lowest vig, if they have one to begin with. Why is that? Well, they are the ones that most players are interested in. They are the marquee events that bookies use to lure new players in, or keep the existing members.

We know those will have fair sets. But how does the Pinnacle payout look like in other sports? After all, value in not only found in the main events. It is often (arguably more often than not) hidden in lesser events, in more obscure sports, and in general where people won’t look.

We checked every sport possible and made our calculations, using the Pinnacle odds, which by the way go to the third decimal digit. Then, we checked fighting sports, darts, cricket, athletics. Or horse and greyhound racing. We even took a look at non-sports events, like entertainment awards and political elections.

We encountered payout percentages that ranged from 90% to 95%. This is to be expected and it is more than okay. Granted, there were those markets where the vig climbed up to 12-13%, which is very high, but we are talking really obscure markets on really obscure events.

Does that mean that you cannot find value there? Not at all. Those events are generally less researched by bookies and odds are sometimes procedural. If you do your homework, you can come up on top, regardless of the margin. And if the margin is low, even better. In our case, the Pinnacle odds range from expected to fair and from fair to absolutely outstanding. You will hardly find a bookie with better overall odds than Pinnacle.